Now Lifestyle Review

Now Lifestyle Review

Now Lifestyle has launched today, a new online business based on Health and Fitness niche, there are 3 top niches on the internet and they are: Health And Fitness, Wealth and Romance.
The system offers TWO of them as an opportunity, health and fitness with wealth.
The program founded by Joel Therien, a well-known successful marketer and also the founder and CEO of the server hosting company GVO.
As I purchased full membership (All the products), I am going to go through the compensation plan, the products and the company to help you decide whether you want to join or not.

Free Trail Features

You can register for a free trail and get access to some of the videos inside.

Free members get access to the following videos:

Step 1: Start Here First
• Welcome to Now Lifestyle.
• Get Healthy.
• Grow Your Business.
• Generate Income As A Reseller.

Step 2: Mindset
• We All Have Baggage.
• Taking Massive Action.
• Uber Ambition Curse.

Step 3: Getting In Shape
• Why 7 minutes of exercise works.
• Six Pack Abs Myth.
• Fiber and Nutrition
• Training Over Age 50.
• Men Vs Women.

Step 4: Grow Your Business
• Our compensation plan.
• Lead Capture System.
• Autoresponder.
• Facebook Marketing.

Step 5: Webinars and Live Trainings (schedule).

Get started for free

Paid Products:

The affiliate membership fee is 25$ per month or 199$ per year. Very affordable compared to other proven systems which I’ve been part of.


NowBody: 97$ per year membership.
Product Includes:
• Fit a profile for workout videos.
• Beginner and Advanced videos for workouts.
• 5 free spots for family members.
• 50% direct commission on every referral who purchased the product.
• 50% Match commission on your team referrals (for example, you get 20 directs.
All 20 bring in 10. They all earn 1000$ you will earn 500$ from each 10)

Email Mastery: 497$ one-time fee.
Product includes:
• A video series about the fundamentals of being a successful email
• 40% Commission on direct referral.
• 10% on tier 1 referral.

Nowbody Certification: 2997$ one-time fee.
Product includes:
• A program with video series about everything you
Need to know about Nutrition and Exercise
• 40% Commission on direct referral.
• 10% on each tier for 2 tiers.

Now Lifestyle Seminar Retreat: 14,997$ one-time fee.
Product includes:
• Join the team at Cabo San Lucas Now Lifestyle retreat. For 7 days you will learn from millionaires their paths to success in online and offline businesses. Each day will have 4-6 hours of content/training. All about networking with Now Lifestyle leaders.
• 40% commission on direct referrals.
• 10% on each tier for 2 tiers.

Now Lifestyle AutoResponder: 25$ per month subscription (good price for email marketing tool service)
Product includes:
• Create Campaigns.
• Follow up series, broadcasts.
• Manage your subscribers with ease.
• Have Forms.
• Import/Export lists.

For now we reviewed 2 different income opportunities: NowBody product (low tier product) and the ascension products (email mastery, NowBody Certification and the Retreat).

There is another income opportunity… Probably the one that makes Now Lifestyle one of the best income opportunities you can find..


Binary Residual Compensation Plan.
There is another income opportunity which called Binary Residual Compensation Plan you can have with Now Lifestyle. That makes Now Lifestyle VERY unique system opportunity since you can leverage a teamwork and earn residual income from your downlines. The advantages you can get from the Binary Commissions:

• All paid members (resellers) in Now Lifestyle can earn from the Binary commissions.
• Each cycle will generate up to 20$ per cycle in residual commissions!
• Binary commissions are generated from the 24.97$/month AutoResponder and marketing products.

There are few terms for being qualified for Binary commissions though (the information is copied from the compensation plan):

• Maintain monthly 24.97$ marketing tools with account in good standing.
• Have minimum of 2 direct referrals (1 placed in each leg – left and right).
• Create a cycle (4 on “power” leg and 2 on “weak” leg) to earn binary residual commissions.
• Bring another direct referral each month. Once you have reached 6 direct referrals you qualify for life on commissions as long as those members stay active.

Each member that become active and reseller goes to your holding tank for placement in your organization. Customers only DON’T go into your holding tank.
You can use it to encourage teamwork and leverage the prospect’s information to connect with them.


I guess it could go without saying… But to get paid on a product commissions (whether it’s NowBody, High tier products or AutoResponder) you must OWN the product if you want to earn a commission.

For example, you can’t earn commissions on the Email Mastery product if you haven’t purchased it..

If you positioned yourself at NowBody product and your direct referral purchased the “Email Mastery” product, your commission will PASS UP to your sponsor (or the next sponsor who own the product).

Now LifeStyle Review – Verdict

To be honest.. This system made income for me in a matter of days.

Learn How I made 499$ in one day!


*Results not typical. Your earnings may be greater or less depending on your work ethic, system & strategy.


Not a bad start..


You can get test-drive the system for free, this system is mostly done for you. You have the free videos, the marketing tools and the amazing products..

Click here and get started for FREE.

Why should you join me ?

I have the experience with so many marketing tools, strategies, traffic and tips in the online marketing that I can show you..

I will also provide for you my own Ebook to learn how to build an online business.

You will get my personal training, save you so many costly trials and errors (which costed me thousands) that I’ve been through in my online business journey.

I can help you each step of the way 🙂

By the way, I’m at the Retreat level 🙂

You will also gain access to our PRIVATE Facebook group..

We have a HUGE amount of trainings videos and documents inside.

Meeting an amazing, like-minded people in our group who you can connect with will make this journey so exciting for you..

Join me if you want a sponsor who will guide you, show you the tools, strategies and introduce you to a group with online entrepreneurs you can learn so much from.


Thank you for your time reading my review. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and comment below!

I will answer to every question.

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