Build The Ultimate Funnel For Internet Marketing

Internet marketing became a very lucrative business opportunity to make money online, one way is to join a system you want to promote, you are becoming an affiliate marketer. Means, you will get a commission for every customer who buys a product at the system you’re promoting. Sounds easy right ? Well, that’s not exactly how internet marketing works to make money online. It’s not that simple. However, by using the right tools and guidance, you can begin your career as internet marketer or even boost your success to the next level as experienced marketer.

First thing to realize in internet marketing, that using your registration page’s reflink (a link which you get from the company so you will get a credit on your prospects purchase) as your ONLY tool of promotion, most likely won’t give you a long term results and you might find it struggling to get visitors, not to mention sign ups. You don’t gather an audience with registration page, you don’t create any curiosity with registration page, no building trust, no connections, no engagement, no nothing.

Think about it this way, when we were kids and some stranger would offer us a candy, most likely we would refuse his offer! Why is that ? because we don’t know that stranger, we don’t trust him so we won’t “buy” from him that candy. On the other hand, if a friend we just met few days ago would offer us the same candy, we would much more likely accept his offer! That’s because we know him, we trust him so we are more likely to “buy” that candy.

Internet marketing is an art on it’s own niche, you have to know how to master your craft to make money online, and for that you have to learn, implement and take action. Building a connection with your leads is vital to your success, using a registration page won’t get you leads that you can connect with. We need to build an attraction, curiosity and engagement. That’s where the Funnel comes in.

So What Exactly A Funnel Is ? Why Do We Need Him For Internet Marketing ?

A funnel is a structure of pages that aims to create an attraction for our offer, when a visitor just click your link and see some random registration page (that visitor is very likely looking for business opportunity, can you imagine how many registration page he probably encountered ? You want to stand out) that’s probably just won’t work. A Funnel is all about engaging and stand out from the rest of the offers out there, we want to be as unique as possible.

The way to create a funnel is by using the right tools, there are many out there but I will share with you those who I found extremely helpful and efficient for me for internet marketing.

Usually, a funnel is 3 following pages structure. Each page has different goal when we attract visitors to our offer. Let’s dive into the first page of a funnel, called “Capture Page”.

Capture Page

Yep, you guessed the name right. Capture page, also known as landing page or squeeze page. Is all about “Capture” our visitor attention, arouse curiously and stand out. A capture page is very simple, yet good looking page. Let’s have a look how capture page looks like:

As you can see, that capture page is all about arouse curiosity and getting the right attention for our offer. It has the right colors, the right text, simple and clear. That’s what we want! We don’t want to make out visitor confused, make him read long articles or bore him with 2 hours video.

Below the text, there is an email form. Why do we need an email form? Because we want the visitor to sign up to our list and follow him with our emails. It is highly important not to lose our visitor after reaching that point. I will explain about follow ups emails and the reason we asking for an email later on.

Note: Capture pages has many types of forms. Some requests name, family name, phone number etc. It is highly not recommended to ask the visitor to fill too much information, basically email is more then enough to stay connected with our leads. Many marketers noticed that the more forms the visitor has to fill, the lower chance he will join.

After our visitor fills the form with his email and click “Show Me The Video” he will be directed to the next page, known as video sales page.

Important notes about capture page:

  • Less is more. You may want to avoid making capture page messy or loaded with information. The visitor might just leave to make everything easier. Just create simple and right to the point.
  • Know the 6 seconds rule. That rule means that if the visitor doesn’t figure what you are offering him within 6 seconds. You might lose that visitor.

It is very important not to open the following page (video sales page) on a new window tab. You may break the whole flow of your funnel if your visitor will begin to go from one tab to another.

As mentioned above, except the email there’s no other required forms to fill. Some marketers are requesting phone number so they can call their leads. You can do that if you want to.


Video Sales Page

On that page your visitor will decide if he/her will sign up to your business or not at that time. Video sales page is usually a testimonial video about the system, could also be presentation or cartoon of the business.

You can include some bullet points and mark ups about your business. Why should they join and what the benefits.

Important! You may want to make the process simple here too. It is not recommended to overwhelm the visitor with information. Value the time he gave to watch your offer.


Registration Page

That’s your offer, your last page of the funnel. The visitor will be directed from the sales page to your offer. The goal of funnel was to maximize the number of visitors who will find your business good for them and would like to join you.


My 1st Recommendation For Building The Ultimate Funnel.



After reviewing the structure of each page of the funnel and what the goal of each one on internet marketing. I’ll explain about two different methods I’ve been using to create tremendously good looking funnels.


OSP (Online Sales Pro)One of the top and most popular funnels creating system on the market. You can customize your own, or use already made-for-you funnels which you can use for your offer. You may customize your funnel to match your offer with ease and in a matter of minutes. The system also provides extremely valued amount of marketing training which you can implement to have better results. That’s my 1st recommendation if you want to build a great looking funnel. To use this tool it has a monthly fee of 37$. I’ve spend a lot more on funnels until I found this powerful tool.


WordPress – By using this tool, you can build your funnel from scratch.

However, it is not so easy and you will find it somewhat complex. Building your capture page from scratch will require some training about WordPress and it’s themes before you can actually start build your own funnel. You can vision how you want your funnel to be looked like and create it. If you still interested build your own funnel from scratch, a way to do it is purchase web hosting which offers WordPress plugin, such as DreamHost (monthly fee of 11$) which I’m using for my WordPress. In addition, you may have to use dedicated theme for funnels, such as OptimizePress which I found very powerful. The cost of OptimizePress is 97$ one time fee and you will have lifetime access to use their themes to build a funnel.


Now, that we learned how powerful a funnel is and the tools we can use to have one. We have the right set of skills to take our Internet marketing to the next level. However, after reading this and take action, we are still got more to do! Have a funnel is the first step, now we want to follow our leads (visitors who opted into your funnel with their email address) with emails since not all of them are going to join the first time they went through your funnel. We will follow them with emails which I will teach exactly how to do it on my next guide. Stay tuned!


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