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Getting Traffic. Paid or Free ?

Free traffic can actually provide a better long term traffic then paid traffic. Getting traffic is the main ingredient to make money online on online marketing. Now that you are familiar with the Funnel and AutoResponder tools, you are now ready for the nitty gritty part of your business, and its fill your business with traffic. Just like a car needs fuel to drive, so does your business needs traffic as a fuel to get moving.


Free Traffic

I want to point out here something, free traffic is NOT free. You do pay for free traffic with the most valuable resource we all can’t control of, and it is time. How many times you heard the phrase “Time is money”? It has good reason to be said. However, it is not wrong to research free traffic because of that. Actually, you’ll be surprised that free traffic methods sometimes provide better long term traffic then the paid traffic methods. Free traffic requires a lot more work to get results. On the other hand paid traffic does the grind for you since you paid for it.


What kind of free traffic can you implement?

As I mentioned earlier in this guide, every free traffic method most likely will require much work then the paid one. Let’s review some methods to get free traffic to your funnel by having a goal to expand our email list.

  • Instagram – Most of you must have heard of Instagram. It is estimated to have 600 million active users. It is free to have an account just like Facebook. You can post pictures and have your biography on the profile. On that biography (mostly referred as Bio) you are allowed to have one link. That link would be to your landing page. Having many followers on Instagram is potentially turn your profile into a leads goldmine and expanding your list massively. A good way to grow your Instagram account is simply by following few dozen numbers of people every day who are at similar niche as you are. For example, if you are into Health and Fitness niche, you will follow people who are doing work outs and posting many health and fitness photos. If you are doing inspirational memes, you will likely to follow many Inspirational profiles as well. Some of those who you are following will follow you back in return. That will make your profile more visible to people and potentially grow your leads generation. This method is great for both getting direct prospects to your offer and growing your email list on autopilot.
  • Forums – Now now, don’t just go to a forum which is about “Internet Marketing” and start posting your link everywhere. First you will get banned since most forums do not allow posting link for promotion and second you will be marked as spammer, most people don’t like to deal with a spammer. What you can do, is to join a forum of people who are affiliates just as you and take part by introducing yourself, join discussions, answer questions and be there for new people in the industry. Eventually you will have a name there, people will inbox messages to you asking for help and guidance. This isn’t a real efficient way to grow your email list, but it a great way to find people who would like to join you and your business.
  • Facebook – Yes, we reached the king of the social media. I can’t think of a marketer who would skip Facebook as a method for traffic since that marketer will miss a platform which used by billions of active users. Getting free traffic on Facebook is actually easier than most of any other kind of free methods. One way is to join “make money online” groups which most of them allow you to post your offer (mind that many more marketers doing the same as you, it might not be easy to get results that way). Other way is to create a fan page and engage with people at your same niche on Facebook groups. Provide value for them by posting tips, guides, videos and tutorials. Providing value will increase your engagement with visitors and build trust.


On my next guide I’ll point out paid traffic methods. Stay tuned!


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