Email Marketing From Scratch, Build Your Own Email List

Here you learn the basic structure of Email Marketing. If you read my first guide about how to create the ultimate funnel, you have all the fundamentals which are required to understand the concepts of email marketing. It is often said that “The money is on the list” for good reason. Email Marketing is about creating a list of subscribers who are getting your emails regarding your offers, guides, tips, share stories and much more. It is vital ingredient for having a successful online business.


Why do you need to learn email marketing?

Email Marketing is vital for Internet marketer’s success and monetizing his business on autopilot. Think about it that way, a visitor comes to your offer and going through your funnel but eventually didn’t sign up for your business, you as a marketer, probably will prefer not to lose that visitors since maybe they were busy that time and couldn’t sign up. Those visitors will most likely forget about your offer completely after a while. A way to not lose visitors is by opt them in to your email list. When they opt in to your funnel with their email address, they will automatically receive your first email requesting to activate subscription to your emails. When the visitor approved a subscription, your follow ups will be sent to his email automatically (usually one email per day).


How does Email List work?

 After a visitor opted in to your email list through your funnel, you will have a series of emails which will be sent to your visitor on autopilot so you won’t have to do it manually. Those email series are called Follow Ups, simply because it will follow every new subscriber with a certain number of emails that you will create. The more subscribers you have on your list, the more money you’ll make online. Broadcasting emails to your subscribers may eventually convert some of them into sales. Having a large number of subscribers on your list is huge advantage as a marketer.


Getting Started

Now that you know the fundamentals of email marketing’s goals and how vital it is to have returning visitors to your business, let’s get to the fun part, set up your system to fill with subscribers who are interested in your offer!

There are many tools to create your email list. I’ve tested some of them and will provide my 1st recommendation for those tools which I’m using myself.


Know The AutoResponder, An Email Marketing Most Important Tool

Yep, you already figured the meaning of an AutoResponder from the explanation I provided earlier in this guide. An AutoResponder is a tool which used to send your follow up emails automatically to your subscribers. With an autoresponder service you can manage your email list, broadcast emails, create separate email lists for different businesses and so on.  There are many tools out there, many of them require monthly fee for their services.


My 1st recommendation for an AutoResponder which I’m using myself is Now LifeStyle’s AutoResponder. You can use it to manage your email lists, create emails campaign, adding follow ups messages and import/export lists.

On a future guide I’ll explain the most efficient ways to grow your email list. Stay tuned!


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